Career move in Logistics

Career move in Logistics

Study an MBA Logistics in English and keep working at the same time. Logistics, Supply Chain, Management and Consulting are the core topics of our programme. More details? Contact via email or call her +49 621 5203-251



For applicants living/working in Germany:

For people who live and pay taxes in Germany there are different types of funding and support from their company and of options to save money or get a reimbursement of taxes.

The zfh, our cooperation partner, has collected much valuable information (in German) - specifically about the different promotions of the German states and scholarships for career promotion and further training.

Reimbursement of taxes

In August 2018, Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) chose financing of further training as a special subject and presented it with advice and links. Contents: Surcharges from the German Federation and the states, tax deductibility and benefits, promotion of the employer and arguments to convince the boss etc.

Release from work

As an employee, you may have the option of taking paid holiday for the residential teaching period at the university from your employer based in Germany. Our study program is completely or partially recognised in several states. See 

Promotion via the employer

  • Unpaid holiday/educational holiday
  • Assumption of the costs for the studies – entirely or prorated
  • Master's Thesis as basis of a corporate project

 Q. v. Benefits for Companies

Other options (in German):

For international applicants living in other countries

Best inquire about the financial facilities for further training abroad in your country of residence. Find a few recommendations from us below: