Career move in Logistics

Career move in Logistics

Study an MBA Logistics in English and keep working at the same time. Logistics, Supply Chain, Management and Consulting are the core topics of our programme. More details? Contact via email or call her +49 621 5203-251

Ludwigshafen University & Logistics

Ludwigshafen University & Logistics

The MBA programme Logistics – International Management & Consulting is a shared course of studies between the Ludwigshafen University and the zfh - Zentrum für Fernstudien im Hochschulverbund. It represents the competence transfer between science and economy and the efforts of both institutions to make study and research offers accessible internationally.

Regional & international network

The Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society is a University of Applied Sciences with about 4.500 students, a medium sized higher education institution in the landscape of universities in the metropolitan region of Rhine-Neckar in the South West of Germany. Its main focus is on hands-on teaching and research as well as on regional and international networking with institutions, partner universities, social organisations and companies which allows the students to have best job opportunities for their career.

Perfect combination: Business & Society

Offering a large range of bachelor courses of study in the fields of business administration, social and health sciences the Ludwigshafen University focuses on specific fields like taxes, controlling, marketing, health care and social work and many other subjects. It offers also either fulltime master programmes or part time masters for people who keep working while studying. The range of courses covers actually 41 programmes – full time, dual, long distance and further education courses for working people.

Focus: Applying of knowledge

The students learn in little groups having direct contact with their lecturers. This guarantees a good support and efficient providing of expertise, methodology and social skills. All lecturers have several years of job experience which they integrate in their hands-on lectures and workshops and they all got an instruction in didactics in higher education.

Concentrated logistics: 5 programmes and 1 institute

As a part of the business management the Ludwigshafen University offers five different programmes in logistics. The students can choose integrated logistics courses of study for their higher or further education in logistics depending on their job situation and aim.


Logistics Institute

The Institute of Logistics focuses on the research in logistics. It has been founded in 2011 with the aim to do research about the integrated view on logistics and supply chain management. It brings together all the expertise of the different logistics chairs. Applying research and implement new research results in the context of industrial projects is the main focus of the institute. Regularly a conference about Tender Management is organised in spring in cooperation with a logistics journal.