Career move in Logistics

Career move in Logistics

Study an MBA Logistics in English and keep working at the same time. Logistics, Supply Chain, Management and Consulting are the core topics of our programme. More details? Contact via email or call her +49 621 5203-251

Return on investment for employers

Return on investment for employers

Little working time to be invested

Relatively little working time of the employee needs to be invested for the studies. Only three sessions of max. 8 to 10 days (including Saturday) need to be provided for residential teaching in the first 3 semesters.

Enabling to integrate new solutions

With the practical orientation of the Master‘s course of studies, the employee can implement immediately his new knowledge in his daily work from the beginning of his studies to improve his efficiency.

Innovations and trends of the branch

The company is able to secure its competitiveness, e.g. through the increased competence of the employee. The employee will discuss solutions found by other companies, innovative approaches and current logistics subjects with the lecturers and other students working in the logistics area and will contribute this knowledge to the company.

Independent advices & concepts

The employee can discuss specific questions and challenges with lecturers and other students in class – of course without presenting sensitive data – and thus collect competent advice. The employee may select a pending project of the company for his/ her Master‘s Thesis and thus create a valuable basis for action in this context.

And: You can extend your logistics network via your employee if desired.