Career move in Logistics

Career move in Logistics

Study an MBA Logistics in English and keep working at the same time. Logistics, Supply Chain, Management and Consulting are the core topics of our programme. More details? Contact via email or call her +49 621 5203-251

Studying while working?

Studying while working?

Does that work?

Yes, it does. The studies are designed as a time- and mostly location-independent distance learning concept with a mixture of e-learning and residential teaching called blended learning. Business trips, labour-intensive projects or events in the family may need time and flexibility. Early schedules help to plan. If changes occur the team offers individual study schedules.

Using this concept the course is suitable for employees who would like to deepen their logistics knowledge without interrupting their career with a fulltime course of studies.

Do I get support for the time management?

Yes. At the beginning of each semester you get an overview listing all the modules you have to study in the current semester, the schedule of the lecture week and the different deadlines to consider.

When do the classes take place?

The face to face classes in Ludwigshafen University take place once – each semester. In the winter semester in Mid-February and in the summer semester in Mid-July. The schedule is announced latest 6 months in advance, so that the students can plan their leave from the job.

How many hours should I reserve for the course?

This depends on your experience in reading academic papers and on your knowledge in the different fields. Sometimes you have to get used to the very specific technical terms and need some time to read and understand the text books. According to our students and alumni it is feasible with a fulltime job. Some students read early in the morning or during the night. Others study only on weekend.